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what we believe

good governance embodies CHECKS, BALANCES AND INTEGRITY in synergy to form a dynamic and productive control environment

good governance cannot be based on blind faith, and requires ASSURANCE that assets, resources and reputation are protected

REPUTATION is the largest asset not shown on a balance sheet 

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how we do it

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Our approach to governance is to focus on tone-at-the top, and to establish sound practices and processes to provide an environment of integrity, which embodies fraud control, corruption prevention and sound (and ethical) decision making.


Our approach to control, compliance and internal audit is risk-based.


We apply a “three lines of defence” approach, seek to ensure that assurance activities are integrated, and apply relevant control frameworks (such as COSO).


We believe that ethics and culture are key components of the control environment.


Our approach to risk management is practical, aimed at developing a risk culture and based on relevant Standards (such as ISO).


Our approach to probity combines both legal and procurement expertise to advise on government regulation in this area and we recommend practical solutions to resolve complex situations with transparency and accountability.


We take care to understand client needs, and the context of matters.


We provide practical, implementable advice and recommendations. 

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