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fraud control & Corruption Prevention

Stephen Horne is one of Australia’s leading fraud control experts, offering fraud control and corruption prevention advice, risk assessment, policy development/writing, implementation assistance and training.


Stephen is the architect of the fraud control framework in operation across the NSW public sector.  He established the official NSWG Fraud Control Policy (whilst at Premier’s Department) and authored the best practice guidance to implement the policy (whilst at the Audit Office of NSW). This framework was also adopted by the ACT and Queensland public sectors, and applied by various private sector organisations and some Missions of the United Nations.

Stephen  is one of the co-founders of the Corruption Prevention Network which has operated continuously since 1994.

As NSW Assistant Auditor-General (Performance Audit) and subsequently the CEO and Managing Director of the NSW Internal Audit Bureau (IAB), Stephen led multiple initiatives to improve the performance of individual agencies across NSW over an 11 year period.  This included the production of DVDs, YouTube videos and a range of publications:


Stephen’s latest authorship is “27 Years of Fraud Control in the NSW Public Sector”, published in The Changing Face of Corruption in the Asia Pacific,  Chris Rowley, ‎Marie dela Rama (editors), Elvesier 2017 


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